The BECA Scholarship Fair will be Thursday, January 21, 2021, 4 pm to 6 pm via Zoom. See the link below. We will provide information including Completing the St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application, Financial Aid Basics and Info on the FAFSA. Scholarship providers, in breakout rooms, will tell you about their scholarships and answer your questions. It's a great opportunity to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. 

Here is the link to the Fair, via Zoom:


Here is a video introduction to the Scholarship Fair from the BYBY Team at SMCPS. It gives details of how to access the Fair.


This document will help students discover which scholarships to apply for. Look it over before attending the Scholarship Fair so you'll know which providers you want to visit. 

2021 Guide to Scholarships on BECA's St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application


This PowerPoint presentation will guide you through the steps of completing BECAs St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application. This oversize file is stored in Google Docs, so will take you away from this site. 

How to Complete BECAs Common Scholarship Application



To enter breakout rooms, you must use the Zoom App on a computer or mobile device. The app must be updated to the latest version. Info on how to update:


The fair is most appropriate for college-bound high school seniors and their families. Join in via Zoom and meet the scholarship providers from BECA's St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application. The SMCPS College Access Program Advisors, representatives from the College of Southern Maryland, and representatives of the Senatorial and Delegates Scholarships are expected to attend this event.


Scenes from previous years' in-person events.  

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