The BECA Scholarship Fair was held on Thursday, January 27, 2022, 4 pm to 6 pm via Zoom. Along with scholarship providers, sessions gave information on Completing the St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application, Financial Aid Basics and Info on the FAFSA.

Scholarship providers, in breakout rooms, introduced their scholarships and answered questions. It's was a great opportunity to increase students' chances of winning a scholarship. 




BECA’s Application offers 61 local scholarships worth approximately  $200,000 total. When you meet the scholarship providers, you can ask questions that will help you tailor your application to their wants, which will increase your chances of winning a scholarship. 



  1. Look over documents telling you which scholarships are represented. Find the ones you qualify for and visit the breakout rooms for those providers. Visit as many as you can. Here is the list of Scholarship Providers who will attend: Click here. Here is a guide to which scholarship is best for you: Find Your Scholarship
  2. Introduce yourself to the provider. Make sure your name shows under your picture and say it out loud to the providers. 
  3. Tell why you are interested in their scholarship(s).
  4. If time, tell about yourself and your plans for the future. 
  5. Ask the providers what they are looking for in the students they select. 
  6. Thank the provider for their generosity and their time.
  7. Visit rooms with other resources including Finacial Aid, Completing the Application and the general Help room. 


Use (link deleted) to access the Fair via Zoom

Which providers will attend the Fair? 

Here's a LINK TO THE LIST. It is updated several times a day. 

Update your zoom. Instructions are HERE


 Check out this SMCPS Site with more information about the Fair.  


The fair is most appropriate for college-bound high school seniors and their families. Join in via Zoom and meet the scholarship providers from BECA's St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application. The SMCPS College Access Program Advisors, representatives from the College of Southern Maryland, and representatives of the Senatorial and Delegates Scholarships are expected to attend this event.